Reflection Portfolio

I wanted to make a video to show that I did learn from this class.  It may not the greatest video, but I learned how to use iMovie, upload videos, and embed them onto websites. I would call that a great job!


Final Project

Hip Hop Renaissance

Project Revision Plan

Overall, I think we got some pretty good reviews, although out project is not yet perfect.  As a group we have decided to delete the picture slide show because it distracts the listener and takes away from the audio.  We also plan to rerecord some sections so that it isn’t read, but spoken. There are some parts that are dragged out so the listener gets lost in the wordiness.  This shouldn’t be too much work and in the end will help our project immensely.  Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about the interview background noise, but we didn’t find that distracting to all reviewers, so we believe it will be alright.  It was also said that we needed a transcript, but we do have one so we are going to make it more noticeable and also add the references page onto the home page instead of just having a tab.

Progress Report

I am very happy with my group.  There have been some disappointments because we didn’t get a couple of the interviews we wanted, but we did get some great interviews.  I feel a little rushed with time because the important due date is only about a week away and we assumed we had until the end of the semester.  Our project is somewhat difficult to work on because we based the project around the interviews, but we have class deadlines and requirements that we had to abide by when we didn’t even have the interview yet.  Everything is coming together, I think that editing it the largest part of our project, so soon we will actually be able to start working on that to make everything come together.  My group has done a great job doing everything we can even though there hasn’t been much we can do.  We got our interviews and have been doing research, for class tomorrow we will turn in our script, and after that we will put all of our information together and combine it in our audio project.

Revision Reflection

When Revision is Redesign was helpful in a sense, but I feel like it relates more to the groups that are using video and images.  Our group is using only audio.  We are planning on creating a website to list our credits and citations, so one of the revision thoughts that this link brought to mind is making sure the website is accessible from every computer and with every browser.  On a different note, we may also want to add a summary of what the audio says in case there are audience members with disabilities, such as loss of hearing, that want to know what our scholarly media project is about and is interested in learning about the topic.  Both of these are something we need to keep in mind when creating our project and bringing it all together.

Final Project Individual Role

For this project, two group members will be researching the Harlem Renaissance and the two others will be researching hip-hop. I plan on interviewing a school of music professor about the development of of hip-hop music and their thoughts on the music.  Danny and I will be discovering how hip hop emerged and what social aspects effected hip hop while it was merging.  I am still in the progress of setting up an interview.  The professors I had asked are being a little stubborn, but it was also the weekend so hopefully they will respond early this week.

My questions for interviewing a music professor:

  • In your opinion what aspect of the Harlem Renaissance is the greatest influence on today’s hip-hop?
  • What musical styles and specific elements and features do we see in the Harlem Renaissance?
  • What sorts of messages and motives were presented through the music/art of the Harlem Renaissance?
  • What sorts of musical elements define the style of, “hip hop”?
  • How do you see hip-hop affecting the American culture?

I’m not sure if these questions are out of the professor’s comfort zone, so they might be altered after I figure out which professor I am interviewing.  Each professor has different degrees and focus on music so having the lack of knowledge of the Harlem Renaissance may make it more difficult to answer these questions.  Each professor does also play an instrument so I can ask questions more similar to Danny’s about their influences and thoughts on hip-hop.  I haven’t yet considered these types of questions because I am hoping to get answers that can connect the Harlem Renaissance interviews with the hip-hop artist interview.

Group Outline

Hip-Hop & the Harlem Renaissance

  1. I. The Harlem Renaissance
  • The ending of slavery and the African American Diaspora
  • New economic and educational opportunities
  • Social conditions & African American identity
  • Explosion of music, artwork, politics and religion


  1. II. History of Hip-Hop
  • The South Bronx
  • Issues of staggering poverty and drug use in low-income neighborhoods
  • DJ Kool Herc & emergence of block parties
  • Explosion of hip-hop music in late 70’s and early 80’s


  1. III. Analysis of Harlem Renaissance artists
  • The poetry of Langston Hughes, Claude McKay & Georgia Douglas Johnson
  • James Johnson, Fats Waller & Bessie Smith


  1. IV. Analysis of hip-hop music & art
  • Mos Def, The Roots & Zion I
  • Explore social and political messages
  • Graffiti art, Justin Bua paintings


  1. V. Conclusion
  • Reiterate correlations between the Harlem Renaissance and hip-hop
  • Summarize cultural impact of both movements, including social and political affects
  • Importance in understanding the relationship between these two cultural movements


Further notes:

  • Within our research and interviews, we will look for specific short stories that can help drive the message and create intriguing elements to our audio segment, much like the stories heard in This American Life.
  • Careful use of sound effects, music and narration to enhance audio quality
  • Still deciding on an appropriate introduction

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